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If you have found this website, then learning something new is in your thoughts - change that thought into reality. As well as learning to dance you may also want to:

1) lose weight;
2) improve your health and fitness;
3) improve your social life and meet new people;
4) find a hobby that you can enjoy with your wife/husband/partner.

If you want to do one of the above then you have come to the right place and if more than one - then you've hit the 'jackpot'.

I most identified with point 4 above - but I now run Jive Infusion and am proud to be able to provide the opportunity for everyone to improve their lives through dancing - just as I did! Here's my story
(the following is just as appropriate to men as well as ladies). After splitting from my ex - I found that my social life had become non-existent. I was feeling depressed and needed to get out of the house - meet new people and put some meaning back into my life - but how? I'd tried on-line dating and even a singles dinner club, but after several evenings of boring conversation and a significant amount of expense I was feeling pretty disillusioned. My social life in the past mainly revolved around going to the local pub or restaurant with our friends and enjoying a few glasses of lager or wine which always made me feel good - but, which often left me 'hungover' the following day!!

A friend of mine said she'd heard about a very popular dance called French Jive (now called Modern Jive) that looked really cool and sexy and I should give it a go.

After some research, I found a venue in Sheffield and went for my first class. Everyone was very friendly and there were lots of single people as well as couples so I didn't feel quite so isolated. My first impression was - WOW - this looks amazing, but really complicated and I will never be able to do it! I also assumed that everyone dancing and looking so good must be professionals. I was totally wrong - they were no different to me!

To say I was nervous when the class started was an understatement - but I'd no need to have worried as everyone was really friendly and the dancers who had been attending longer than me were really helpful. After a few weeks, I'd not only picked up the
basic beginner steps, but I felt fantastic, both physically and mentally because not only did I find that dancing was great exercise but being able to do something that looked so cool gave my confidence a big boost. Not only was I enjoying dancing immensely but I loved the different music from rhythm and blues, swing and latin to current pop. My favourite music is latin and I still can’t wait to hit the dance floor as soon as I hear the latin beat, which also satisfied an ambition to learn Salsa, as Modern Jive has lots of similarities but is so much easier to learn, as no fancy footwork!! Plus the other bonuses were – (a) I had very quickly lost the half stone in weight that I gained whilst vegetating in front of the TV with a packet of chocolate biscuits and (b) I had made lots of new friends both male and female, which meant lots more social opportunities.
I was now dancing twice a week and because there were fewer venues in 1998, I would often travel (with my new friends) as far as Nottingham and even Newcastle just to find a weekend freestyle dance. I was having fun and enjoying my life more than ever and what was even better - I didn't need alcohol to make me feel 'good' as the adrenalin boost of dancing is just as 'intoxicating' and without the 'hang-over!!'


That was 19 years ago when there were only a handful of venues in the north of England and dancing was therefore restricted to a couple of nights a week and inevitably involved travelling. With the increase in popularity of modern jive dancing, you can now find a Jive Infusion freestyle dance in Askern, and classes in Doncaster, and Wakefield. And what's even better is you can have a fantastic night out at all Jive Infusion venues from between £6 and £9. And you won't be spending money on expensive alcoholic drinks as take it from me - alcohol and dancing do not mix. However, if you do fancy the odd tipple, all our venues have licensed bars with reasonably priced drinks.

If you are a couple looking to share a hobby and spend more social time together – then I cannot think of anything more fun and fulfilling than learning to dance. As well as all the above benefits, the added bonus of being part of a couple is that you will have someone to practice with at home or outside the dance class which can increase your learning time immensely. And think of how you will impress your friends and family at social gatherings, ie weddings, birthdays, works do’s, Christmas parties when, you take to the dance floor, when everyone else is sat down, and put on a floor show that no one will be able to take their eyes off and to which you will more than likely receive a rapturous applause!! Or.... look amazing on the dance floor for your 'first wedding dance'. Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. Make your first dance one of the highlights. Something that you will cherish for the rest of your life!

At Jive Infusion, you will also find a wealth of on-line information, including on-line videos in both real time and slow motion of all our intermediate classes as well as show case videos filmed of our guest instructors and our jivers. Plus video clips from our freestyle events, which will give you an idea of what you can expect to achieve in just a few short weeks from your very first dance class.
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So - what have you got to lose! Don't waste any more time. Take the first step now. I so often hear the comment 'I wish I'd found this years ago'. (See Facebook comment from Carol opposite).


Janice (Jive Infusion)
If you can identify with this article but do not live close enough to attend any of my classes, then check the UKs best jive directory and I am sure you will find a venue near you, who will provide a warm welcome.