Learn to Dance - Change Your Life Forever
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TRAINED DANCE INSTRUCTORS I have been dancing since 1998 (read my story) and after several years of managing a top Jive venue in Sheffield, I qualified as a Modern Jive Dance Instructor in 2006.

MODERN JIVE IS EASY TO LEARN - there are a total of 20 basic moves and we teach no more than 3 in the beginners' dance class. The following week you will be taught a further 3 moves, one of which will be a repeat from the previous week. And because all the modern jive moves link together, they can be danced in lots of different combinations. Also, it doesn't matter if you miss a week, as all moves will be repeated every few weeks. After 6 - 12 weeks of beginner classes you will be ready to move on to intermediate level.

AM I TOO OLD OR TOO YOUNG As long as you are 16 or over you will be very welcome at all Jive Infusion venues. We are proud that there are no age barriers to enjoying dancing and our jivers range from 16 to 80+.

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HAVE FUN, FEEL GREAT Being able to glide around the dance floor makes you feel good and the exercise will without a doubt increase your fitness and relieve stress levels. Plus you will make lots of new friends both male and female and this can have life changing consequences!!!

So what are you waiting for? Make that call today. Ring me on 07719 189863 or just turn up at any
Jive Infusion venue and change your life for the better - LEARN TO DANCE!!

Dancing is fun and makes you feel fab